Monday, December 3, 2012

My 5 most important things

In my efforts to simplify my life, I have found that an absence of things leaves room for happiness. I have also found that with less physical objects to value, the value I place on "things" has grown. It's often said that the "best things in life aren't things" and I wholeheartedly agree.

My Top 5 "Things"

1. Family and Friends- they make me happy, I make them happy. It's (mostly) a circle of happiness!

2. Time- whether it's five minutes of tea drinking or half an hour of blog writing I love finding time to do the things that I enjoy and that make me happy.

3. Kindness- no matter who is being kind to who, it makes happiness on both sides.

4. Giving thanks- thinking of what I am thankful for helps me to realize what amazing things I might be missing out on every day. It helps me notice and appreciate the good things in my life.

5. Hugs- no explanation needed.

Try making your own top 5 list. I guarantee it will brighten your day as it has for mine.

Enjoy today,
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