Friday, April 11, 2014

Simplicity through frugality

I have not always been frugal. Sometimes I get flashbacks to unnecessary spending and recognize that I would rather be $30 closer to my tiny house than have that pair of unworn pair of pants sitting in my closet. Over time I've come to realize that I can't always predict buyer's remorse. Sometimes I will wait a month to purchase an item only to regret it anyways. On other occasions I have made impulse buys that I continue to love, use, and appreciate today.

For me, simplicity and frugality go hand in hand. To live simply is to want less, to want less is to buy less, and to buy less is to live frugally. Frugality then becomes simplicity as well. A circle.

Here are some ways to bring both simplicity and frugality into your life:

1. Consider what role something will play in your life. Do you own an item already that could serve the same purpose?

2. Think about money in terms of future goals and experiences. "Is this kitchen gizmo better than lunch in a European cafe during my travels?"

3. Question your intentions. Do you want something because it would truly better your life or is it just something you feel you shouldn't pass up?

4. If in doubt, live without. A purchase can always be made in the future. For now, put the cash towards your future goals! For me that means it goes straight into the travel/tiny house fund.

Living frugally is an art form that I have not yet mastered. Last month on my travels to Taos, New Mexico I set a budget and stuck to it. hough that money was still spent on meaningful things, in the end it was still unnecessary purchasing. I tried to buy from places I wanted to support- free museums, local businesses, and people who were passionate about their craft. Though it's not always possible, I try to make my purchases speak to my way of life.

Contemplate this: what does the way you spend your money say about you and your values?

Enjoy today,
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