Monday, February 24, 2014

Simple foods

Veggies. Spices. Smoked salmon. Oatmeal. Whole wheat. Banana. Grapefruit. Whole foods to remind me of the simple joys in the everyday- and the simple joy of making and sharing food with loved ones!

Enjoy today,

Monday, February 17, 2014

Enough: practicing my word in 2014

Last year my word was brave. How fitting, for a year of change and growing up. For 2014 I chose enough. As in, I am enough (inspiration from Brene Brown). In the past month and a half, I've been practicing the art of enough.

I say I am enough when...

  • I've been busy all day... and then I go to bed at 8
  • Eating healthy has been a priority... and then I have some chocolate
  • I managed to get myself to the gym after a long day... and then I take it easy in my workout 
  • All I've done is listen... so I sit in silence 
  • I forget to floss my teeth 
  • I'd like a nice, introvert-friendly evening of books and pens and tea
  • Choosing to take care of myself is more appealing than another commitment 
I am enough
I am enough.
I am enough.
We are all enough.

Enjoy today,

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Valentine to my hometown

I dream of rainy days, grey skies, and biking through mud puddles with precipitation speckled on my glasses.
I long for the smell of liquid sky on concrete. The jingle of a coffee shop door and the whine of my favorite espresso machine. My pen pausing for a sip of the bitter love from a hand-warming mug. 
I've been trained up well. Throw me in a farmer's market and I can find my way around just fine. I can spot a local restaurant just a bike ride away. My wardrobe tests positive for precipitation antibodies in the form of rain jackets and knee-high rubber boots. They're my first line of defense. 
Take me back to the state of local kale, moss, and alternative transportation. 
This dry, snowy place is only temporary. Soon I'll trade snotsickles for damp hair.  Snowflakes for raindrops. My home for my home home. 
Enjoy today,
p.s. check out the first of my series of monthly contributions to here!
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