Friday, December 7, 2012

A year in review...

2012 is hardly over yet, but it's about time to start reflecting on the year that has passed and the year that is to come. I have yet to sit down and really spend time on this reflection, but within the next few weeks I certainly will- maybe even on the beaches of Hawaii (could it get any more perfect than that?). 

I've been reading other blogs that say how great it is to do a year review. It helps process what has happened during this year, and gives inspiration and a fresh start to the one to come. 

Read how Tammy Strobel at RowdyKittens reviews her year here.


Find Susannah Conway's 2013 workbook here.
(I plan on using this for my reflection!)

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend. I know mine is going to be busy, but I'll try my best to find time to appreciate the small things.

Enjoy today,
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