About me!

Welcome to Slice, Serve, Savor. Here I will share with you what I love: living happily and living simply! I'm not interested in growing up to live a typical American lifestyle, and I strive to simplify my life and make room for happiness. I chose the title Slice, Serve, Savor because not only in baking (which I love) but also in life it is important to enjoy the moment. No matter how small the house, income, or piece of cake, there is joy and happiness that can be found when we are mindful and savor every bite. 

I love lots of things. Here are a few: living simply, dreaming about living tiny, getting rid of stuff, baking, making tea, enjoying food, shopping at the farmer's market, books, friends, family, my cat (and maybe yours if it's nice), making things, biking, yoga, blues dancing, and most of all I love happiness. I have bad moods but I do my best to snap out of it and get back to living (that is where friends and family come in- the funnier the better). 

I'm currently a freshman in college (yikes) halfway across the country from my home in Bellingham, Washington. I am studying nutrition in the honors program and am participating in undergraduate research. I one day hope to be a dietitian working with children and families to prevent and treat childhood obesity (an issue very near and dear to my heart). 

Right now I'm taking lots of classes, participating in the Student Sustainability Council, and going blues dancing with my friends. I spend the wrest of my time reading, doing yoga, writing for this blog, writing for TinyHomes.com creating things for my etsy shop (open during winter break and summer), and sometimes doing homework. 

My plans for the future include being a summer camp counselor at URJ Camp Kalsman, being an intern at the Geller Center, and traveling the world. I'll throw graduation and a career in there somewhere.

Stay tuned while I simplify my life and embark on this wonderful journey that we call living.

Enjoy today,

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