Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Second chances

Some things deserve second chances. For some the struggle comes in forgiving people, others in trying new food for a second time. Lately, I have had to concede and give something unexpected a second chance.

I'd seen them before and not had any strong opinions, positive or negative. Star Wars didn't appeal to me much when I was younger and I didn't absorb much of the plot. What I liked were the creatures and the sparkly laser swords (yes, I now know they're called light sabers). I wasn't much interested in watching the movies again, but I decided to watch them with an open mind.

It turns out I really like Star Wars.

The hardest part about second chances is that sometimes we have to admit that we are wrong. Well, I was wrong. I may never dress up as a Wookie, but I'm certainly excited to finish the series.

Second chances seem to be addicting- I tried cauliflower (my least favorite vegetable) this weekend... and actually liked it. Who knows what is next!

Enjoy today,
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