Monday, October 22, 2012


I haven't posted lately for a few reasons. 

Reason 1:
My computer's hard drive decided to quit on me and is in the process of becoming functional again.

Reason 2:
Last week was homecoming week! 

This may not sound like a valid reason, but at my school it most certainly is. Our homecoming has evolved from a football game and dance to a full on class competition with dress-up days, fundraisers, hall decorating, and lunch events like dodge ball and a scavenger hunt.

Every year, I live for homecoming week. It is the only week of the year when my whole class comes together, and uses everyone's strengths. The athletes compete in dodge ball, the artists help decorate halls. Everyone who helps is appreciated. Staff members have said that my class is the best to ever go through my high school, and I believe it! How we act during homecoming shows it.

Every moment I had that wasn't spent on class, rehearsal, or homework, I helped with hall decorating. This year's homecoming theme was board games, and the senior class had Candy Land. From the pictures below, you can see that we were able to transform a regular hallway into an awesome world of candy! That takes a lot of time, effort, and teamwork. I love hall decorating because it allows me to use my creative strengths in an amazing way.

This year, homecoming was bittersweet. I loved everything, but it also made me think about how this was my last high school homecoming. Though this made me sad, it also made me appreciate this year even more. I'll always be glad I had this opportunity to be so involved with a great group of people. This year, I even got to stage manage the big assembly, which was always my favorite part of the week. The finality made me realize that I really needed to savor every moment, and I did!

Even when things are ending, a bittersweet moment can be used to further appreciation and happiness. I know I'll be ready for high school to end come June, but I also know that I will have gotten the most out of my time there as I could have, by savoring every moment.

Enjoy today,


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