Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Seven sevenths

"I can't believe it's Monday already, I can't wait for the weekend!" 
How many times have we heard, or even spoken some version of this phrase? Until a few weeks ago, this was exactly my way of thinking. Through writing my blog posts, I've started thinking even more about savoring every moment. What I realized was that most of us are setting ourselves up to be happy only two sevenths of our lives! If we are constantly yearning for the weekend and slogging through and simply enduring the week, we're missing out on five days of potential happiness. 

It may not be the most fun, sitting through work or school, but even those activities can become meaningful. During class, I like to challenge myself to be as productive as possible. Not only do I get my work done, but I am less stressed during and after class, as I have better absorbed the material and usually don't have to study as hard for tests or suffer through confusing homework assignments. The same philosophy can be applied to work, a little concentration and motivation will allow for a relaxed and enjoyable lunch break, and an evening without the stress of work left undone.

I also like to give myself things to look forward to on my weekdays. After I get done at rehearsal for the musical (where I do sometimes stressful things, like taking blocking notation), I like to go on a run before dinner or go to a Zumba class with my mom. Making dinner is also an enjoyable activity for me, as is watching a new episode of my current favorite television program. Some days just the anticipation of a warm shower is enough to better my mood. There are always happiness-inducing activities we can find time for during the week!

My goal is to live seven sevenths of my week enjoying the day and savoring the moments. I know that sometimes I'll be in a bad mood that just won't go away, but sometime 6/7 is not bad at all.

How many sevenths will you enjoy this week? It's always up to you!

Enjoy today,
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