Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Unexpected inspiration

Sometimes we find inspiration where we never expected- like inside of this mint tin. At first I thought it was cool for St. Claire's to put a quote inside of their mint container, and then I realized how great that really could be. We all need reminders to be compassionate, to consider that maybe a grumpy clerk is having the same bad day we had yesterday. This reminder is perfectly placed. I have a mint just often enough that I forget that it's there, so every time I see it, I consciously think about it. I love quotes, but putting them on a wall or post it where it will be seen every day causes them to lose their value, as they are glossed over every day. By having the quote hidden, when I find it I always think about how I can practice compassion in my day. 

Try hiding one of your favorite inspirational quotes somewhere- when you happen upon it in the future, it might be just what is needed to bring a smile to a bad day.

Enjoy today,
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