Friday, October 5, 2012


Today I would like to share something I've been thinking about- fun! This evening, after my mom and I finished our Zumba class, the instructor asked a group of girls if they "had fun". This caught my attention. Do we really "have" fun? It's not a tangible item that we can hold, like an apple, nor does it last a given amount of time. It's obvious whether or not you have an apple, but having fun is a more complicated matter.

What I finally decided is that fun is not a thing, but more a state of mind. We do not say that we "have happiness", we say that we "are happy". Any experience approached with a fun state of mind will produce fun, while a pessimistic and down sort of mood will most certainly not produce fun. Fun in turn produces a better mindset, opening one to myriad opportunities to experience it even more. I'm going to try to approach everything with fun in mind, I hope you'll give it a try too!

Enjoy today,

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