Sunday, May 26, 2013

My closet overfloweth

After reading the book The 100 Thing Challenge and reading about Lina's 200 thing challenge I decided it was high time I tackled more of my stuff. I have already donated and given away much of my things during my last purge but I feel the need to clear out even more.

I vary from the norm of most young adults as my life dreams don't involve a large house or even an average house (about 2,300 square feet in the U.S.) and I don't have much desire to buy things. My generation seems to follow in the footsteps of the one before us by focusing on stuff. I have peers who go shopping every weekend but I can hardly remember the last time I bought something while shopping. I think it was at our farmer's market where I bought a baseball shirt with a tractor on it from the info booth. I'd been coveting that shirt since last spring when they ran out of my size.

Needless to say, I'm very picky about what I buy now. I didn't used to be, especially in middle school. But, I've grown to know my style and better be able to predict whether I'll actually wear something before I buy it. As a result, my wardrobe has reduced way down in size. Last weekend I did an official count and (counting socks and underwear as one each) found that I have 201 things just in my wardrobe. That sure sounds like a lot to me, especially when people are living with just 100 things by choice and often much less by necessity.

Here is my clothing breakdown:

  • Undergarments- 11 items
  • Accessories (not including jewelry)- 42
  • Dresses (including formal)- 13
  • Tops- 45
  • Pants- 7
  • Shorts- 6
  • Skirts- 5
  • Exercise clothes- 14
  • Sweaters- 12
  • Outer wear- 7
  • Pajama- 11
  • Swim wear- 8
  • Shoes- 22
A few notes on the list above: I counted my exercise and regular black socks as one total item, but my knee socks as individual items because they are more like accessories. I did not count the amazing jacket that I "borrow" from my mom to bike in because it does belong to her and I'm "not allowed" to take it to college. I also did not count the sweater and sweatshirt that I have been long-term "borrowing" from my significant mister since they also do not truly belong to me and will be begrudgingly returned before I leave for college. 

So basically, I have too much. Who needs 45 tops or 12 sweaters or 21 pairs of shoes? I'm pretty sure I don't. Stay with me as I attempt to significantly pare down this list. It should be exciting. Anyone in the market for some clothes? I definitely  have enough to share. 

Enjoy today,

*Update: read about my first box of clothes out the door here
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