Thursday, May 2, 2013

DIY: Cord station

Everyone has it. That big, unruly tangle of chargers and cords and headphones that never finds a proper home. It's almost impossible to organize a tangled clump of electronics. I came up with this simple project and completed it within a few hours- problem solved.
What you need
  • Thin wood (found near 2x4s and such, I think labeled as craft wood)
  • Screw gun and a screw
  • Small nails
  • Vinyl decals (I made my own with my scrapbook craft cutter, but you could find them online or draw/paint something onto the wood)

What you do:
  • Coil all of the cords you want to organize and lay them along the wood. Mark with a pencil where the nails are going to go
  • Put your decals on the wood, about an inch below each nail spot (so that they center within the cord loop)
  • Gently hammer in the nails at an upward facing angle (so they hold the cords)
  • Find a stud, and screw it into the wall at the top (I got the screw started on a flat surface and then held it against the wall)

    And that's it! A easy, quick, and functional DIY project. 

    Enjoy today,

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