Thursday, May 23, 2013

Feeling the love

As you know, a few weekends ago I visited Portland for a weekend of tiny house dreaming, scheming, and learning. There, I met lots of wonderful people who shared my passion for living tiny. One of those people is Lina, a graduate student in Portland who lived in the same tiny house that I visited and now lives in a yurt as she prepares to start her build.

I think Lina is super cool and she'll for sure be invited to the grand reveal of my tiny home in the future. She even has a blog (like me!) where she writes about living tiny. Visit it at This Is The Little Life for some great writing and inspiration!

While in Portland, Lina admired my etched mason jar that I use as a to-go drink container. I sent her one as a thank-you for the wonderful weekend and she wrote this glowing review of her new jar (and me too)! I'm definitely feeling the tiny house community love. She also wrote this post about the Portland workshop (I'm hiding in the back of the group picture!).

Lina's new jar!
I strongly recommend that you check out Lina's blog here, as it has become an instant favorite of mine. Also, if you would like to check out my jars (and maybe help fund my tiny house dreams!) visit my Etsy site here.

My jar at fancy hotel for my good friend's birthday. Making tea with the in-room coffee pot and using my jar cozy is one of my favorite things to do when away from home!
Lina also inspired me with her 200 things challenge to continue to tackle my stuff. I decided to start with my closet and discovered that I have 200 things just in my wardrobe (socks and underwear count as one each). Uh oh. Read more about my journey to pare down my wardrobe... coming soon! *Update: read about my great closet overhaul here

Enjoy today,
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