Friday, March 8, 2013

So I ate a piece of pizza (and the world didn't end)

Yes, I ate a piece of pizza. Regular pizza. Gluten and all. If you've been anywhere around me for the past few years, you'll know that I (as if I'm not picky enough about food already) was gluten-free. Long story short, I fell prey to the self-diagnosis craze and have started eating wheat again (along with a variety of other grains). So yesterday I was able to have a little doughy deliciousness.

Yesterday I wanted to take my boyfriend out to lunch to a great local place called Cicchitti's Pizza. I considered packing my own lunch, but decided against it. So I ate this (with tons of red pepper flakes, of course):

But I like to eat, and one piece of pizza is not enough to fill me up. So instead of getting two pieces of pizza, I planned ahead. When we got back to school I ate this:

Hummus and veggies. Yum. It was super easy to pack this, it took all of a minute since I had my veggies pre-cut (read more about planning ahead here). I ended lunch with a full tummy but not feeling gross (as I would have with two slices of pizza). 

In the end, my boyfriend got his pizza and so did I, just with a little veggie something on the side. For me it's all about balance, and I'd rather have once slice of pizza than none at all. All it took was a little advanced planning and self control.

Enjoy today,

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