Thursday, March 7, 2013

Planning ahead: eat healthy on-the-go

Dinner (bites taken between giving light cues, during a musical)
I often eat on the go. Everyday life gets busy and I eat lunch at school (often during class) and usually dinner a few times a week too (I swear I never leave that theater). But, my mom and I have figured out a few ways to make packing meals during the week fast and easy. As healthy eating enthusiasts (I'll be studying nutrition next year in college) planning ahead is key to avoiding take-out, pre-packaged foods, and school lunches. These are the top five ways that we make sure our meals away from home are as wholesome as possible. 

5 ways to plan ahead (and eat healthy on the go):

  1. Wash salad greens over the weekend- it makes it super easy to just toss some in a container (as shown above) and go!
  1. Make & freeze: Almost anything can be frozen. We freeze soup in Mason jars, then heat the soup in the jar! This eliminates the weight of carrying around a bowl or having to microwave in plastic (ick...). The salmon pictured above was baked, portioned, wrapped in wax paper, and frozen. I simply put it in the fridge that morning so it would thaw by dinner.
  1. Prep your veggies: Nothing gets me to eat vegetables more than having them already prepared. That way there are no excuses! I wash and slice carrots, cucumber, and broccoli on the weekend and then take them as snacks during the week (as shown, with hummus, above). Just make sure to store veggies like carrots and celery in water or they'll dry out.
  1. Pre-package snacks: I'm not talking about pre-packed snacks, rather their alternative- whole & healthy snacks individually packaged by you. Parcel nuts, dried fruit, or salad toppings (as shown above) in small containers. Above you can see one of those containers at work holding my salad dressing.
  1. Dish of the week: My mom and I will often pick a recipe (quinoa salad, coleslaw, roasted veggies) and make a large batch over the weekend. That makes it a cinch to wrap up a meal and go, an easy way to have something nice with lunch (and avoid PB&J drudgery). 

Enjoy today,

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