Wednesday, January 9, 2013


My dad wasn't feeling very well yesterday. I brought him some water, and asked him if he needed anything else. He said waffles. Normally, we wouldn't have had the right ingredients (namely buttermilk) but it just so happened that we had some in the freezer.

So, yesterday I made waffles for my dad. I love to cook, but when it's for someone I love (like my daddy!) it is even more special. While the waffles were cooking, I was thinking. I decided that happiness, once achieved, is nothing unless we share it. Spending time with those I love is great and nothing is better than when they share their happiness with me.

I too want to share my happiness with others. So I'll make waffles and cook dinner and go to coffee. I'll stop on my way to school to buy a doughnut for someone just because. All of these things will bring joy to my day, and to the days of those I touch with kind actions.

Enjoy today,
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