Monday, March 3, 2014

On introversion

It came to my attention that I casually drop the term "introversion" in my writings quite often. I'd like to define what I mean by that word and explain my little introverted self.

What introversion means to me:

  • I need time by myself, especially if I've been spending time with other people
  • Writing and thinking introspectively are a top to-do
  • Sometimes I make a bubble around myself to observe rather than participate
  • Loud noise and/or music can be overstimulation and make me power down
  • When I get the chance, I like to take myself on "dates" to the library, coffee shop, or farmer's market
Coffee and studying... by myself

What introversion isn't for me:
  • Shyness- I may look like I'm timid, but often I'm just listening 
  • Fear of people- spending time with good people brings me joy... but I still need to recharge afterwards
  • Something to overcome- Though I can push it aside when needed, I've accepted my introverted nature and respect it. It doesn't prevent me from living fully.
Taking myself on a farmer's market date
We all describe ourselves differently. Some who identify as introverted might find all that I have written above to be entirely inaccurate in defining themselves. Some who identify as extroverted might connect with what I have written. The power comes when you define what you need as an individual human and stand by that with all of your might.

Enjoy today,

P.s. for more reading on introversion read Quiet, visit Susannah Conway's blog, or check out this old post of mine

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