Friday, July 5, 2013

What I'm up to

I am so grateful to have so many great opportunities this summer. There's nothing like kicking of my newly-graduated adult life with a few months of excitement.

I started off the summer with a 4 night trip to the Oregon Coast with my friends. We filled up three cars and journeyed the 8.5 hours to Sunset Bay in Coos Bay, Oregon. It was great to spend some quality time with my buddies. I finally learned how to use a camp stove, the importance of a sleeping mat, and why long underwear is still a must-have for camping in June (especially in the PNW). We took along this stuffed giraffe (he was actually a stowaway) and he became our mascot.

This week I started a few exciting projects. First, I had my first few days at Bobbibrook Farm volunteering for Common Threads Farm. This is the organization that I was volunteering in the elementary school garden with this spring. They do great stuff, providing garden educators to public schools during the school year and hosting great programs for kids during the summer. This week was supposed to be my first week with kiddos, but it was cancelled due to low enrollment. Instead, I got to spend three hours weed whacking one day (sore arms), ditch filling another (dusty shoes), and organizing the shed on the final day (yay!). I can't wait to start programming with kids next week. If you know any elementary aged people that would love some farm time, send them our way!

I also started on a super exciting project with a dietitian. Later this summer I'll be helping with a nutrition class to kick of a 12-week healthy eating program. I've begun collecting sweetened beverage containers (apple juice, vitamin water, soda) to show the participants just how much sugar is really in those things. I'm most excited to plan the cooking demonstration. Needless to say I can't wait to really dig into this project.

The reality that I only about six weeks until I leave has started to sink in... Even as I write this I'm taking a big *gulp* as it sinks in even more. What am I doing leaving this wonderful place?? Fingers crossed I'll settle in and find my place in Colorado. Stay tuned, I'll most likely be hopping on the plane home for Thanksgiving and asking the pilot to fly extra fast towards Washington. I'm hoping to find some sort of tiny house community up in Fort Collins though my preliminary research googling "Fort Collins tiny house" drummed up some pretty measly results. I'll continue my research but if any of you readers know of anything, let me know please. Pretty please. With a cherry on top. 

I hope all is well with my fellow tiny housers and simplifiers. Enjoy the sunshine (I know I am).

Enjoy today,

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